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About the Artist

I did my first oil painting when I was eight-ish years old with my grandma. My senior year of high school I auditioned for and was accepted into the Las Vegas Academy of Visual and Performing Arts. After graduation I enrolled into UNLV on a scholarship. Then I lost that scholarship, twice. So I moved to San Diego instead of going back. I’ve taken painting at City College, gallery studies at Mesa College (with the amazing Professor Moctezuma. Seriously that class is fantastic), and drawing and foundry at Palomar College.

I create mixed media oil paintings with a general focus on animals, both alive and skeletal, spirituality/afterlife ideas, with a bit of humanity thrown in. My work reaches inward instead of outward.

I’ve been a studio artist at Distinction Gallery since 2009 and display there at least 3 times a year, during their studio artist show, the “Immortalized” fundraiser, and the “Art-A-Thon” fundraiser for their ArtHatch Teen Program. Through their ArtHatch program, I provide mentorship and workshops for underprivileged teens in the area. I’ve also displayed at a few of Thumbprint Gallerys’ pop-up shows and at the House of Blues. Last year I quit my job as a bartender to pursue my art full time, so only good things and upward movement from here!