/** * for google verification for youtube. */ “DragonFly” 6″x6″ mixed media – J.Anichowski.com

“DragonFly” 6″x6″ mixed media

“Dragonfly” is painted on a small 6 inch by 6 inch wood panel.  I first collaged the paper, including the filigree “branch” he is resting on, then sealed the entire panel. I added the stamped details and painted mr. Dragonfly, both in oil color.

I absolutely love seeing these guys flit around a garden or clover patch. Somehow it makes everything seem right for a bit.

“Dragonfly strips away our beliefs of containment of our actions, our limitations, our doubts, and our self doubt. ‘The Spirit of the Dragonfly’ reminds us that everything is possible, we can achieve our dreams and our goals, we learn to understand about ourselves, and our self belief. The Dragonfly Spirit is the keeper of our dreams, seeing our true potential and ability, giving us the capability to fulfill our birthright.”

Available for $280.